Reflections on Last Season

Another shred season is upon us. Wow, how did that happen? I guess somewhere between watching shred movies and drinking beer the days were ticking away. Anyway, here are some videos from last season, we had some good quality fun. Get hyped for another one!


The boys made the trip to Bralorne last winter for the Sennheiser Backcountry Picnic. In a town of population 77, life moves a bit slower. Unless you’re there to shred hard, party hard, and catch musical vibrations from Jah Cutta!


While waiting for snow in BC, some of the boys went on an urban mission to good ol’ Idaho. It was a great excuse to pay a visit to Essex’s mom. She really is great. Anyway, watch us slide some rails here:


Whether its shred shots, that light and fluffy, or that brown and smelly, everyone loves a good dump! Here was one of our best from last year. And I mean shred shots.


Another season is underway and some new UBC Freeride edits are in the works. In the meantime we have updated the 2013 Study Breaks, thrown up our favorite content from last year in the Media tab and added a few new edits in our Riders section. We had an awesome summer and tried our best to encompass the good times in our newest summer edit, Reckless. Take a gander and keep your eyes peeled for new content dropping throughout the season!


A season full of prep, a month full of coordination, and a week of calculated chaos ended up paying off with our boy Leo, the Freeride crew, and the PYP boys coming together to create “Restless”. There’s much to say but Powder does it better, so scope their article here (along with endless others on the web) and check out our Best of Show and Viewers Choice Intersection Winner “Restless” (also happened to make Vimeo Staff Pick).


Thanks to everyone for all the support! Couldn’t have been a better way to top off an amazing season.

Enjoy the spring shred

-UBC Freeride

Edit Overload with a side of Intersection Info

It’s that time of the year where things are warming up and slowing down for a bit soooo…. we finally had some time to finish a few of the various projects we’ve been working on. Check em out and be stoked, Intersection starts on Thursday and well be back in another week of insanity until the edit drops at the Whistler Convention Center on April 19th. Would love to see you guys in the crowd to uphold UBC Ski and Board’s rowdy reputation! Peep the details and get your tickets here.

First off take a glimpse into what we’ve been getting into on the backcountry side of things with Freeride Raw: Student Life:


On a much different note here’s some post party park shred from our boy Liam:


Mau’s been doing work on Study Breaks in the Seymour and Whistler/Blackcomb parks! Here’s episode 2.2 and 2.3:


We went on a wild ski/surf adventure for reading break, Leo was there to document the entire thing. Have a laugh and don’t be expecting too much skiing:


Also part of the crew headed out to the Bralorne Backcountry Picnic for a wild time up north, check it out and head here to vote for the edit!


Good luck with finals and hope all y’all are having a killer end of the season!